First-Year Families Weekend

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Dear Parents and Families,

On behalf of the faculty and staff at Princeton University, we’re delighted to invite you to attend the Class of 2024 First-Year Families Weekend on September 26 and 27.  The weekend’s events will be held virtually, as a series of Zoom panels, webinars, open houses, and presentations about the first-year student experience.

We were happy to respond to your questions about the virtual fall term during our recent First-Year Families Welcome webinar on September 5.  A recording and full transcript of that event is now available.

Several of you submitted a question that we didn’t answer in the webinar:  Will we send student ID cards home?  Unfortunately, for security reasons, the answer is no.  If your student needs to testify to their status, they could print their TigerHub record or ask their residential college dean to submit a letter confirming their enrollment.

The upcoming First-Year Families Weekend (FFW) offers us another opportunity to discuss in more depth some of the important aspects of your student’s Princeton experience and to share insights with you about the online learning and community-building environment.  As your new Princetonian acclimates to their fall classes and to student life, the FFW events will tell you more about how the University is helping students develop a sense of academic and social community remotely.  FFW also provides opportunities for you to ask questions about procedures and policies.

On Saturday, September 26, we’ve programmed panel discussions about the academic experience, the co-curricular experience, and students’ engagement with their residential college community.  On Sunday, September 27, you can explore some of Princeton’s rich academic, cultural, and recreational offerings through a range of presentations and open houses.  All panels and presentations will allow ample time for Q&A via the Zoom function.

We’ve organized the weekend for your own learning pleasure.  For instance, we suggest you make time to join some of our open houses and panel discussions with the Freshman Seminars Program, the Office of International Programs, and the Writing Center, and learn how to brew an excellent cup of coffee with our newest student-run business, The Coffee Club.  Events like these will give you a sense of your student’s Princeton experience this fall and the University’s commitment to creating a vibrant virtual learning community.

During FFW, we normally offer parents the opportunity to attend special lectures given by faculty members.  This year, instead, we invite you to attend one of the faculty colloquia being offered as part of our inaugural Entryways Program for first-year students.

On Thursday, October 1st from 4:30-5:30pm ET, Shirley Tilghman, Professor of Molecular Biology and Public Affairs and Emeritus President of the University, will engage our first-year students in a discussion of her research and its relevance for our world.  Do please join us at this link.  The Q&A will be reserved for first-year students, but we’d welcome your presence at what’s sure to be an inspiring talk.

Should you have questions or need further information, please contact Mary Alexander in the Office of the Dean of the College at 609-258-5522 or email

We do hope you’ll be able to join us.  Often, when this event is live on campus, parents and families are unable to attend because of work and other commitments.  One benefit of our virtual event might be that more of you will be able to access our panels and conversations.  That said, if you’re unable to attend, we will post recordings of the events on our FFW website.  If you are able to attend, we look forward to connecting with you soon.

With our best wishes,

Jill Dolan, Dean of the College

W. Rochelle Calhoun, Vice President for Campus Life